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The Heart of Our Business is Family

In 1970, Jack H. and Verna Isbell were married and began a lifelong journey of adventures together. Their unique experiences gives them a perspective on life and managing rental properties that is centered around God, love, and family. Since 2009, they have worked together as the best Killeen property manager and real estate team.

Jack and Verna have four children, so they know how to run a tight ship and manage a staff. The efficient team at Isbell Property Management is under the direction of their son Josh, who is a smiling, familiar face around the office and conducting maintenance inspections on our homes for rent.

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The Isbells Are Military Family

Jack Isbell, PhD, proudly served his country in the US Army for eight years through the Vietnam War, then was commissioned as an Army Chaplain after completing his Master’s degree. Jack provided Chaplain services to military service personnel throughout the war in the Persian Gulf, and until his retirement in 1995.

As a retired disabled veteran, Jack decided to use his retirement for one of the best things he could think of: giving the Killeen community he calls home a helping hand. Isbell Property Management & Realty support other active duty military members and their families who move into the Fort Hood area.

Verna shares Jack’s passion for family – military family in particular. As the accountant and bookkeeper, Verna is the miracle worker who makes sure that all the details come together. She is the spirit and the heart of the Isbell team, making sure that everyone is treated like family, always.

The Educated Professionals

Jack earned his PhD in Education and is a tough-as-nails professor in Ethics, Logic, and Philosophy at Central Texas College. As a retired Chaplain, he is known for bringing a distinct and challenging edge to his courses. Jack also serves as a doctoral candidate mentor for students at five universities. A kind-hearted counselor as well as a knowledgeable educator, he is never too busy or too distracted to lend an ear and offer his wisdom.

Verna graduated from the University of Mary Hardin Baylor in Belton, Texas, with her degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. An accountant with decades of experience, she has also been as an instructor at the Skills Center at Central Texas College. Sharp and meticulous about numbers, Verna makes sure that everyone on her team has the knowledge they need to succeed. She is the type of leader who leads by example.

Although their journey through life brought them around the world and through many twists and turns, it settled in the Killeen area, where Jack and Verna became interested in local real estate and property management solutions. Helping people find the best housing for their families became a new calling, one which allows them to continue to spread their love and joy for life to the new residents who join their community. That is what Jack and Verna really love to do.

Lovers of God and Community

For over 30 years, Jack, Verna, and the Isbell family have been involved with numerous church activities across the country. Each time they moved with their fresh Army orders in hand, they immediately sought out a new church to call home.

As a US Army Chaplain, Jack has preached at many pulpits, but his favorite church projects involved the founding and building of new places of worship. Jack led the project management during the founding of the Twin Creeks Baptist Church in Gatesville, Texas, as well as a second church in California, totalling over 100,000 square feet of worship space. The two churches now serve thousands of people. He is proud to say he helped with contracting, drawing blueprints, securing funds, and overseeing the churches’ construction.

By his side every Sunday for four decades, Verna has also been an instructor, mentor, and bookkeeper at numerous churches.

Jack and Verna founded their business with their personal values in mind. They bring true heart to the relationships with their homeowners and renters, and they teach all the members of their team to do the same. With the goal of being the best resource for military members stationed at Fort Hood who are looking for real estate investments, a home to purchase, or places for rent, Jack and Verna are glad to be at home in Killeen, Texas. They take care of every home they manage as if it was their own.

Dear Future Resident:

Thank you for getting to know us, and please permit us to know you. We want to be your home’s property manager team.

Jack and Verna