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Homes for Rent from People Who Care

Rent A Home, Not Just A House

Under the stretched azure sky of central Texas, Isbell Property Management has been helping renters find houses for rent since 2009. In the busy Killeen area outside of Fort Hood, our property managers meet many military families coming and going from the Harker Heights, Copperas Cove, and nearby neighborhoods. As a veteran owned business, we understand the unique needs of military families looking for homes to rent. We are here to meet those needs.

For years, Isbell Property Management has specialized in one thing and one thing only: We make you feel at home.

People move to Killeen, Texas, from places all around the world after journeying through all walks of life. They are all looking for houses, duplexes, and apartments for rent. Whether you’re coming from somewhere in Texas, the United States, or from around the globe, Isbell’s team wants to be the first to welcome you home.

A Part of Our Community

We want to make it easy for you to move here. Let us answer your questions about Killeen homes for rent, and everything else. Many years in this community has taught our property managers a number of things – especially about the meaning of “home.” We love to help new residents feel at home, whether you need one of our rental apartments, houses for rent, or duplex rentals. Don’t hesitate to ask a member of our team for directions to the nearest grocery store or for recommendations for the best barbecue in town. Trust a family that has made this community their home.

Easy to Rent a House, Apartment, or Duplex

As a military family, the Isbell family has moved a lot. We bring that experience to managing house and apartment rentals. We know how difficult it can be to receive military orders, pack up your life, and relocate to a new city. Because moving is hard enough – whether you’re a military family or not – we want to make your house, duplex, or apartment search easy. An apartment guide and a list of property management companies can be a good place to start, but making calls, checking websites, and doing the hard work of all that research on rentals can quickly get overwhelming. Especially in the middle of packing, working, caring for children, and life’s many other concerns.

Isbell Property Management has done the hard work for you – collecting information about the best homes for rent in Killeen, Texas, in some of the most desireable neighborhoods with close proximity to Fort Hood. With our extensive network throughout the Killeen real estate and realty property management market, we always have the right rental houses or apartments for rent available to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for furnished apartments, pet-friendly house rentals, or Killeen duplex rentals in neighborhoods that are great for kids, we know of some available for you.

Our professionals have made it easy for you to apply, move-in, and rent. We feel that’s how home rentals should be. Especially to our military service members. Isbell Property Management supports our troops. Hooah.

Helping You Find the Right Home for Rent

At Isbell Property Management, we aim to exceed expectations from our renters. You need to move, and you need to move efficiently. We make it easy.

Online Rental Application Process

Applying for houses for rent with Isbell Property Management is convenient. Apply online and pay your application fee through our website or over the phone. All our rentals are on a “first-come, first-serve” basis, so we know there’s no time to lose when someone submits their application. Our digital form lets you to print, sign, scan, and return it quickly, and because of the immediate payment there is no delay in processing your application for one of our Killeen homes for rent, no matter where you are. You never need to send a check or paperwork in the mail, and we never release your information to anyone.

Weekly Updated Duplexes, Houses, and Apartments for Rent

We keep our website fresh and up to date with our current selection of Killeen homes for rent so that residents looking to move into the Fort Hood area in a hurry are not held up by an outdated website that shows the wrong homes available. We have the most comprehensive list of apartments in the area – from efficiency apartments to 3 bedroom apartments for rent – and we always know what is available. Our listed rentals are ready to be moved into as soon as the application process is complete. Life moves too fast to be outdated.

Pet-Friendly Apartments, Duplexes, and Houses for Rent

As a family owned and operated business that pledges to treat every resident like family, we know how important the furry members of your family are. That is why we offer a selection of houses, duplexes, and apartments for rent that welcome furry family members of all kinds. Even if you need luxury apartments or an efficiency for rent in a specific part of town, we can find you a new home for you and your pet. Some homeowners who work with Isbell Property Management maintain breed restrictions and require a pet deposit, but we work hard to ensure that every member of your family feels at home with us.

Killeen: A Great Place to Live

The property managers at Isbell have been part of our community for over 20 years – and we’d love to tell you about why we love it here. Killeen, Texas has a fascinating and layered history, a beautiful countryside, a blooming variety of business industries, and some of the best schools in the state. Houses and apartments for rent is our business, but home is where the heart is. We want to tell you about our home.

Killeen Communities

Isbell Property Managers are proud to manage some of the best houses for rent in Killeen, Texas, including the Harker Heights and Copperas Cove areas. Founded in 1882, Killeen has prospered ever since. Home to Fort Hood, one of the largest US Army bases in the country, it has a rich history of both military and cowboy activities. There is a state college and a university in town, the airport services over 40 flights daily, and the worship community includes over 20 denominations of spiritualities. Members of all types of communities find homes in Killeen.

Killeen Activities

With a number of recreational activities, local events, and charming celebrations, Killeen makes everyone moving into a house to rent feel at home from day one. With over 30 parks, more than 30 tennis courts, multiple public swimming pools, and a municipal golf course, newcomers to town of all ages can find apartments and houses near something fun to do, any day of the week. Visit the museums at Fort Hood to learn about Texas history, and our nature centers to learn even more about the Lone Star State. Just outside the city are some of the best hiking, biking, and adventure trails in central Texas, highly accessible from some of the most sought-after and affordable apartments in town.

Central Texas Life

Centrally located, Killeen, Texas, is about an hour’s drive from Austin, three hours from San Antonio, four from Houston, and three from Dallas. It is a prime location, where many homeowners invest in an asset property, management professionals to handle its day-to-day details, and reliable and respectable renters. That’s what makes our market of houses for rent so great. Drive for a few hours in any direction under the Lone Star sky, and you’ll discover world-class beaches, cities with thriving nightlife, and dude ranches full of old Western spirit. With Stillhouse Hollow Lake and Belton Lake less than a 20 minute drive away, you don’t have to go far from Killeen to enjoy all that central Texas has to offer.

Taking Care of Our Residents and Houses for Rent

When you’re sorting through a list of places for rent you may be considering not only the features of the home, but what your experience working with the property management company will be like. It should be easy and stress free to rent a house for years, sublease a duplex for a few months, or rent an apartment for a short term. No matter your needs, we will take care of you; that’s our goal for every resident.

Rent a Home: Enjoy Emergency Response

Isbell Property Management believes in treating every renter like family, which is why we are available in the office 5 days per week, and 24-hours-per-day for maintenance emergencies with our houses for rent. Give us a call at the emergency number, or contact us through social media. If you experience an emergency situation that needs immediate attention, we want you to call us 24-hours per day.

all-property-managementAs professional property managers, we know what to do when lightning hits the garage, or when your neighbor gets an aggressive dog and you need to file a complaint with the local authorities. We know what to do when the sewage backs up, a tree limb falls through a window, a fire damages the kitchen, or the air-conditioner goes out. Call us right away.

For non-emergency maintenance requests, submit your information online with confidence, knowing that we pledge to address all maintenance issues within 24 hours. We simply believe that’s the right thing to do for the people living in our homes for rent.

Pay Your Rent: Apartment and House Payments Online

stress-free-property-managementThe number one thing everyone wants in today’s busy world is convenience, and that includes our property managers. That is why we’ve made it easy and convenient to pay your rent online with check, or credit or debit card. Regardless whether you live in a one bedroom apartment or one of our spacious luxury houses for rent, our online rent payment system makes it an easy monthly bill to take care of, from anywhere. Our system’s online payment convenience fee is 3% or less, and is calculated for you as your card number is entered. There’s never any hidden charges with Isbell.

Top-Priority Security: Protecting Your Home and Information

We all want our information to be protected, and Isbell Property Management is a team of professionals who know about the importance of paying attention to small legal details. Handling sensitive information has taught us about encryption, protection, and top-notch online security. Send us questions about changes to the lease on your real estate rentals – like adding a new occupant or a pet, or submit maintenance requests anytime. Feel confident knowing you can send us any information or questions about your rentals; even electronic words are words shared in confidence.

Top Quality Maintenance: Inspections Prevent Problems

reliable-property-managementTo help both our homeowners and the residents living at our Killeen houses for rent, we perform bi-annual inspections on all homes. These inspections let us keep up to date on maintenance issues so that we repair small problems before they become large ones. Our renters pay for the highest quality and value in apartments and houses, and they deserve to have all problems addressed immediately and thoroughly. We care about taking care of our renters and our rentals, so we check the roof, windows, door locks, and other features of our houses and apartments for rent. We work hard to ensure that both our homeowners’ investments and our renter’s day-to-day living space are kept ideal.

Landscaping Services: Keeping Your Home Beautiful

real-estate-property-managementFor some of our house and duplex rentals, homeowners include landscaping services in the monthly rent. For others, the renters choose to have a local Killeen landscaping company perform regular clean-up and maintenance of the property’s lawn, trees, bushes, and even flowerbeds. Some renters find an apartment lifestyle suits them – because all our apartments include beautiful professional landscaping services. If you are interested in what landscaping services are available with our duplexes and single family homes for rent, we are ready to coordinate them, or to provide you with a list of reliable local companies we trust and recommend.

People Working Together: A Family Touch in Every Situation

Everyone falls on hard times. We understand that sometimes, residents need to negotiate late rent payments, or they cause damage in our houses for rent but can’t afford to fix those damages right away. We want you to call us with your situation. Our many years of experience has taught us that property management is really about the people and their homes. We know that all types of emergencies happen. The managers of Isbell’s houses and rental apartments are willing to listen when our residents have problems, and talk through a solution that works for everyone.

Pet-Friendly Policy: Welcoming Furry Family Members

We work with owners and residents of our houses, duplexes, and apartments for rent in Killeen, TX, to make sure that everyone is comfortable with the pets who live in our homes. At the discretion of the homeowner and Isbell Property Management, we allow pets selectively, with documentation. Every home for rent has a 2 pet maximum, with a $250 non-refundable pet fee for each pet. Please contact us with any questions regarding our pet policy at any of our Killeen homes for rent.

While we welcome most dog breeds, county law and local neighborhood ordinances prevent us from allowing the following dog breeds in our apartments, duplexes, and houses for rent:

  • Pitt Bulls (or Staffordshire Terriers)
  • Rottweilers
  • Chow-Chow
  • Doberman Pinschers

We welcome all breeds and sizes of de-clawed cats, with documentation that the cat’s claws have been removed.

Moving Out: We Help Until the Final “Good-Bye”

certified-property-managerJust because you’re moving out of one of our homes for rent doesn’t mean we will stop helping you. We gladly provide rental references for all residents, as well as make copies of your lease available so that you can take it with you, if you need.

If you are a military service member and receive orders that cause you to break your lease, we’ve thought of that too. We know how to address military orders and subleases, and how to quickly turn vacant properties into rented homes. We know how to market and rent apartments and houses efficiently and cost-effectively. No one is left “in the lurch” when a renter needs to move from one of our homes under military orders.

During your move out, an Isbell property manager can help you transfer your utilities, as well as conduct a move-out inspection quickly, so you are immediately aware of any charges. We can also set up payment arrangements if there is a balance due. As long as payments are made to us, any balance will not show up on your credit history. We believe in doing business with a personal touch. Fairness isn’t just about following the law, it’s in the way we treat people everyday.

Meaning of “Coming Home”

Isbell’s property manager team is your professional house, duplex, or apartment finder before you arrive, but we hope to become your friend once you’re here. Our own travels, our own experiences with moving under military orders, have taught us one important lesson:

Home is where the military sends you.

As a family owned business founded by a US Army veteran, a business that manages apartments, duplexes, and houses for rent in Killeen Texas, Isbell Property Management feels a deep connection with the military service members and their families serving our country at Fort Hood. Whether you are an active duty, retired, or reserve service member – or whether you’re a service member at all – it is our duty and our privilege to make you feel welcome in our community, and in one of our delightful homes for rent. We treat you like family.

Welcome Home.